Friday, November 11, 2022

Mr. Wingle on the Radio - WMU | Bronco Breakfast | WKZO Radio | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Listen to the Bronco Breakfast Show interview of LFW Office Solutions Owner Bill Wingle and Radio Host Ken Lanphear on WKZO AM 590, FM 106.9 HERE

Date November 9, 2022 | Location Big Apple Bagels | Full Interview

KL: We're presented by LFW, Office Solutions, who's owner, Bill Winkle is joining us at the table this morning. How are you?

BW: I am doing fantastic, Ken. How are you doing this.

KL: Morning. I'm doing well. Thank you so much for joining us. 

BW: I'm very excited when Lori invited me to come down and spend a few minutes with to talk a little Bronco, Athletics, sports, what we're doing, how we're doing it. Excited to have Dan as our athletic director. He is doing a fantastic job and has put together some new coaches like our basketball coach. Minnesota almost pulled off victory there the other night. I was excited listening to that and then tonight we play northern Illinois and it's a must win for us to keep our hat in the ring for the Mac West so that me and my buds can go to Detroit again.


KL: Well, you and your wife Lori, have been long time supporters of Bronco football. In many ways both as fans and financially and it's been a labor of love I'm sure, for the both of you.

BW: Oh, it has. We have enjoyed every minute of it from, uh, back in the, the Gary Fund days and now our Bronco Athletic Fund. We both volunteer for that, which is always nice to talk to our fellow contributors to Bronco Athletics. That's always a great thing, and that happens now almost year round where people are contributing and helping out our student athletes. It's important.

KL: Tell us a little bit about LFW Office Solutions and the services you provide to your community.

BW: Well, LFW Office Solutions has now become a Platinum Epson dealer. With that we did a lot of research on it, and the Epson product line is very sustainability for our community for reduction in electricity and the sustainability portion of it from the ink technology that they have created.

BW: [Cont]: There's no one else out in our industry, the copier, printer toner industry so we're very excited about it. The Kalamazoo Air Zoo is transitioning into being 100% EPSON, so that will save them a lot of money quickly. A little case study was done for a school district down in Indiana where they generate their own electricity through solar panels, and they saw an 85% reduction in their electric usage for copiers and printers.

BW: [Cont]: So that was one thing that sparked me to do it. On top of that the product just keeps running and running. They will be introducing this February some new machines.  I'll be out in California when you all are <laugh> knee high in snow <laugh>. We offer sales service, we also still have our Toner business, which was the core when I first started LFW Office Solutions, so we're just excited to grow and, uh, share this, uh, new technology with Southwest Michigan. 

KL: And listeners can learn more about you on your various social media platforms as well.

BW: Yes, they can. That is something that I'm excited to have our presence out in the social platforms. So we'll see how that grows.

KL: All right. Check them out on LinkedIn and on Twitter, YouTube. LFW Office Solutions is the sponsor of our Western Michigan University Bronco football shows, which we do before each and every Bronco home football game, and have for the past several seasons. LFW Office Solutions owner, Bill Wingle's been chatting with us on WKZO. Thanks so much for your support and for joining us this morning.

BW: Go Broncos.

Watch the full interview HERE

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