Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Humidity & How It Affects Paper In Copy Machines // How To Remove A Paper Jam Video

 Humidity and paper? Is that a thing?

According to many service industry calls and complaints, yes it is. 

When humidity is HIGH, expect paper jams! 

Why is that? How does humidity and copiers equal plug ups in your unit, delays in your day, service calls and repairs? 

LFW Office Solutions has 25 years of expertise in the Printer, Copier, Sales, Service & Repair Industry and is able to help lend their knowledge regarding how to keep your office equipment working as efficiently as it can.

Let's think about it like this...

Your copy paper is sitting inside the drawer in your copier at work (a very normal place for paper to live, that is very true) and in a normal day to day operation you won't see much of a problem; but imagine now, it's Friday and most companies don't operate on the weekend. 

Why is taking the weekend off a problem for copiers???

Most offices will turn the air conditioning units down or off over the weekend and then when Monday comes they find out that their printer is jamming! 

The high temperatures of the machine mixed with moisture in the paper can lend to paper jams.

*High Humidity tends to start in the month of May to and goes until late August (in most states in the USA).

SOLUTION!!!!! In high humidity months you can: 

  • Move your paper out of the printer trays and place in sealed totes or containers 
  • Use silica gel packets
  • Utilize de-humidifiers in computer rooms
  • Print one page at a time instead of multiples
  • Move to a dry climate


CAUTION! Do not use scissors to get paper out of your machine - unless you have around $1000 for a new parts and labor! 






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